Take a Hint: Mix Prints!

There are many trends out there that at first may seem atrocious and unwearable altogether.  Sometimes for me, it takes seeing a controversial trend worn tremendously by someone else for me even to attempt it.  One of those trends that is just on the cusp of fashionable versus disastrous for me is mixing prints.  When I first saw this on the runway, I wasn’t sure whether the designer was just trying to show all of their designs on one model all at once, or if this was truly the next trend to be born.  All I knew was it was going to take a truly audacious fashionista to pull off this look and still look fabulous.  However, seeing this trend more frequently has made me turn a new leaf on this idea of mixing prints together.  I was seeing girls making it work!  All it takes are simple prints that work together – even an unlikely pairing such as florals and animal prints.  Just look for colors that mesh well together, add a little confidence and out the door you go!  Below are some inspirations mixing prints. Enjoy!






(I do not own these photos)


always FASHIONABLY kate

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