Fashion’s Night Out 2012

Although I have to admit last night was a bit hectic and too unplanned so I didn’t get to see as much as I wanted, but being in the atmosphere of Fashion’s Night Out was enough for me! Plus, there is really only one photo that captures FNO, and just fashion in general merging with art, culture and New York City.  Below is a photo I took last night outside of Barney’s,  of a gorgeous and completely genius display of Louboutin’s – surrounded by identical colored fish!  Amazing, artistic, creative, innovative!  So many words to describe it and I loved seeing this in person! Enjoy that and the rest of my (very few) photos!

(Bergdorf Goodman’s ribbon covered building for 111th  Anniversary)

(Bergdorf’s window display)

(Myself and my best friend at FNO!)

always FASHIONABLY kate