Changes Are A Comin’

I want to change this blog up a bit.  I’m planning on mixing up the kinds of posts and subjects that I write about on here.  No worries, I’m still going to include the usual fashion posts but I want to make this more personal with my opinions and all that good stuff.  

I’m planning on changing the look of this blog this weekend and hoping to write some posts – get some creativity flowing.  (I totally say I’m going to do this during the weekend, however my short attention-span could be a problem – I’m currently in the middle of reading my new InStyle while simultaneously writing this and browsing J. Crew’s latest e-mail picks.)  

With that, I think I’ll leave you with J. Crew’s newest color trends with pieces I must own. Like pronto.



Sea-glass Green












“Sunset” shades – pinks and corals



Soft pinks


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