Live Without Fear


(quote from Olivia Wilde, Marie Claire, April 2013) 

Lets face it, sometimes it’s hard to be positive. We’re brought up in a culture where negativity exceeds the positive. Living your dreams is so difficult because that would mean having hope and faith, being optimistic in an otherwise realist or pessimistic world. Living without fear is almost unthinkable because that would mean taking chances, doing things without thinking of the consequences, and truly going after what we want.  Why is it so hard?  Because getting let down is really up there on the “worst feelings” list.  Imagine the idea of going after your dream, working hard and doing everything you think you should do to find out you failed.

But that’s just the thing.  You didn’t fail.  This may seem crazy, but as long as you stay optimistic and positive, you cannot fail in anything.  So something didn’t work out.  That just means something better is coming or what you were going after wouldn’t really have made you happy in the end.  How you react to a situation is the real challenge.  So something bad happened to you.  Do you react in the usual way and let it upset you, ruin your day, make you think that your life is the worst and that things will never get better?  Or, do you let it happen, realize it wasn’t great and just let it go, roll off your shoulders and go on with your day making the honest effort to be happy and see things in a good way? I hope you chose the latter because you’ll change your outlook on life forever if you do.

If you really want the perfect life, everything you want – you must start with yourself.  Wake up each day and see it as a new opportunity.  Be thankful for the smallest things and eventually you will have most significant things and situations to be thankful for.  See your life as good.  Stop with the “everything is terrible, nothing goes my way” downward spiral and just realize everything you have RIGHT NOW is enough.

So maybe you don’t have the perfect job, relationship, situation, car, WHATEVER.  So what?  Make changes and you eventually will.  Is your life really so terrible?  Put things into perspective.  Look how far you’ve come from last month, last year – aren’t things different?  Have you gained ANYTHING good in your life?  Chances are you have.

When you start being positive and grateful for little things, and letting yourself dream and really want things, believing they will come true and that you deserve them – they will!  You have the power to change your life, so stop going through the motions and having things stay the same.  Be happy.  Be nice to others.  Say thank you – and really mean it.  And above all, take chances and do so without fear or anything that holds you back.

Life is only so long, why not make it the most perfect one for you!  Change your thinking today and you will change the rest of your outcomes forever.