The Crossbody Lifesaver


We as ladies tend to carry (or over-carry) many different items in our bags.  However, just because we have a lot to bring along with us, it doesn’t mean that we have one less hand or arm – being taken up by holding our purses.  The crossbody bag is so perfect for summer (or any time of the year really) because we need all of our limbs free to hold and sip drinks, tote around our shopping bags or hail a cab.  These shoulder bags contain all that we need to get us through a day and night but keep our hands free.  I like to get brightly colored ones for spring and summer and a more neutral color like black or brown for the cooler weather.  A statement accessory and a carrier for all our unnecessary belongings.  I chose all of my favorites from Bergdorf’s below!


MARC by Marc Jacobs Natural Selection Mini Messenger Bag


Saint Laurent Small Rigid Crossbody Duffle Bag


Proenza Schouler PS11 Tiny Crossbody Bag

P.S. Clearly these bags are THE bag to have this season since Suri the Fashionista herself is sporting one!



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