Get Ready for the Most Fashionable Christmas Ever!

To say that I enjoy Christmas would be the biggest understatement I’ve ever made in my life.  But let’s be real… Everyone waits all year long for this most magical holiday!  Christmas lights go up, Christmas music is starting to be played on radio stations and Starbucks holiday beverages are served (very possibly my favorite part!).   So, when I saw the J. Crew/Mastercard  AND the Marks & Spencer holiday commercials released on the same day, I couldn’t help my little Christmas-loving-self!  I had to share them!

Being that J. Crew is one of my favorite brands, I instantly loved the ensemble choices throughout the commercial.  Sparkly, preppy and all-around cozy is the theme of this adorable commercial (and I love the Jenna Lyons-esque little girl)!  J. Crew really needs to make commercials all year long.

First of all, I have a bone to pick with someone on this.  Dear USA, why are our commercials not these chic, gorgeous mini-movies?  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is beautiful in this Alice In Wonderland/Aladdin/Wizard of Oz mash-up.  Oh, and how genius to make the Tin “man” & the Lion played by women!   I want to live in this Marks & Spencer world until December 25th!

Safe to say, I (and now you) are so in the full-on Christmas spirit!


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