Emoji This

They’re everywhere!  Texts, tweets, even appearing in magazines!  Emoji’s are taking over the world and the way we communicate but now you can wear these cute little smiley faces.  Moda Operandi has launched a Del Toro x Edie Parker collaboration line of loafers and clutches adorned with emojis. (Oh, and don’t worry, the ever-popular #hastag was not forgotten.)  While emojis spruce up our internet dialogue and conversations, have they gone too far?  How long before they take over the world?!  I’m getting ahead of myself.  Either way – I’m not sure I’ll start wearing my emo(j)itions on my clothing.  Though this line of M’Oticons has definitely come up with some very clever and cute pairings.  See my favorites below and the rest of the line at Moda Operandi.

emoji emoji2

emoji3 emoji4

emoji5 emoji6


Wednesday Wishlist : Tropical Wishes

I feel like I’m not alone in dreaming of being on a warm vacation by the beach. Ahhhh…sigh.  I chose some florals, some vibrant hues and breezy pieces.  (And isn’t that Mara Hoffman one-piece to die for?) Now close your eyes, picture yourself wearing these, sipping on a umbrella-clad drink and tanning your super-pale self (c’mon, I know I’m not alone with that one).  Don’t forget the fabulous warm weather choices for a night out too!  Tropical Wishes

Yee-Haw! K. Stew for Chanel

Early images leaked of the much-anticipated (in a good or bad way, I’m not sure) Chanel ads featuring Karl Lagerfeld’s latest muse, Kristen Stewart.  Channeling some Paris-Dallas inspired looks and vibes, Stewart looked.. well, as emotionless as usual.  Maybe it’s just me but I think she resembles Karl Mr. Chanel himself (maybe it’s just the hair).   Either way – cornrows?  Really? In a CHANEL ad??? What. Is. Going. On?  I’m not a fan of these and I don’t think they really even look like anything Chanel would produce… but you be your own judge.





Is Ugly In?

When I first starting seeing Birkenstocks popping up on some of the most fashionable, I was shocked!  These simple, old-school sandals were making a comeback?  It couldn’t be.  They are ugly!  I’m used to seeing them on dads who have no sense of style whatsoever.  What was going on in the fashion world?  Who lost their mind and set off this ugly trend?  BUT then —- I started seeing how Birkenstocks were being worn and what they were being paired with. In a way, they almost brought an entire ensemble together in a comfy and minimalist way.  (And let’s be honest, the highest of fashion trends are usually a bit “ugly” so it’s obvious this footwear was bound to pop up sooner or later.)






Will I actually end up trying this trend?  Let’s just say it’s going to take a lot to pry my gladiator sandals out of my hands and switch over to these grandpa simple shoes.  What are your thoughts on Birkenstocks making a comeback?

Dannijo Now Makes Handbags

As if Dannijo needed to give me another reason to LOVE their beautifully crafted accessories, well then went ahead and gave me one!  The sister designing duo unveiled their new collection of handbags this week and well, let’s just say I need them all.  Danielle and Jodie have given us clutches, cross-body’s and totes perfect for every and any occasion.  Adorned in their signature crystals, the Lenox clutch (seen below) is my personal favorite but who can really choose an absolute favorite with bags covered in prints and made out of gorgeous leather.


Lenox clutch ($748)


Viper clutch ($548)


Lypton cross-body ($698)


Titus tote ($798)

See all of Dannijo’s handbags here.

Wednesday Wishlist: Neutralizing Spring

While I cannot wait to jump headfirst into spring, I’m having some separation anxiety with my winter-neutrals.  What’s a girl to do?  Simple.  Bring those hue-free items into the warmer months in lighter, more airy pieces while still holding on to some of those heavier layers to keep you cozy during this awkward sometimes-warm-sometimes-cold transitional period.  Here are some of my favorite that I cannot wait to add to my closet!

Spring Neutrals

Who Are You Wearing?

Are we all really tired of hearing about the Oscars, what designer the stars are wearing and just about award shows in general?  Well, I have good and bad news.  The good news is that awards season is finally over with the conclusion of Sunday night’s Academy Awards.  The bad news is I still want to blog about the gorgeous gowns that the ladies showcased on the red carpet (I’m sorry!).  Here were my favorites:

Lupita Nyong’o in Prada (she/this dress was just everything!)


Jennifer Lawrence in Dior (fall 2 times, get up 3)


Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen (I totally forgive her Golden Globes disaster after redeeming herself with this)


Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace (preview of the glam-bride she’ll be?)


Naomi Watts in Calvin Klein Collection (she has consistently been on my best-dressed list this season)


With all of these beautiful ladies strutting down the red carpet, one would imagine that they had stolen the show.  But that award went to Jared Leto’s perfectly ombre’d hair.  Because in all honesty I’m almost positive that he has better hair than me.