Yee-Haw! K. Stew for Chanel

Early images leaked of the much-anticipated (in a good or bad way, I’m not sure) Chanel ads featuring Karl Lagerfeld’s latest muse, Kristen Stewart.  Channeling some Paris-Dallas inspired looks and vibes, Stewart looked.. well, as emotionless as usual.  Maybe it’s just me but I think she resembles Karl Mr. Chanel himself (maybe it’s just the hair).   Either way – cornrows?  Really? In a CHANEL ad??? What. Is. Going. On?  I’m not a fan of these and I don’t think they really even look like anything Chanel would produce… but you be your own judge.






One thought on “Yee-Haw! K. Stew for Chanel

  1. I totally agree with you… I’ve never been a fan of Kristen Stewart. She’s totally not the Chanel woman Coco would have envisioned and used as a muse. And I’m totally up for creative detours, but the whole western and cornrow thing just doesn’t resonate with Chanel to me. Glad we are on the same page.

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