Emoji This

They’re everywhere!  Texts, tweets, even appearing in magazines!  Emoji’s are taking over the world and the way we communicate but now you can wear these cute little smiley faces.  Moda Operandi has launched a Del Toro x Edie Parker collaboration line of loafers and clutches adorned with emojis. (Oh, and don’t worry, the ever-popular #hastag was not forgotten.)  While emojis spruce up our internet dialogue and conversations, have they gone too far?  How long before they take over the world?!  I’m getting ahead of myself.  Either way – I’m not sure I’ll start wearing my emo(j)itions on my clothing.  Though this line of M’Oticons has definitely come up with some very clever and cute pairings.  See my favorites below and the rest of the line at Moda Operandi.

emoji emoji2

emoji3 emoji4

emoji5 emoji6


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