Chanel Resort 2015

Imagine every possible fabric, print or texture all in one collection and it’s 99% likely that you are thinking of the Chanel Resort 2015 collection.  Karl Lagerfeld really outdid himself this time with over 80 looks (yes, you read that right) sent down the runway in Dubai.

chanel9 chanel10 chanel11 chanel12 chanel13 chanel14 chanel15 16

Layers upon layers tweed, chiffon and lamé were piled on to models.  There were structured jackets, flowing skirts, dresses and loose-fitting pants that were cinched at the ankle.  Short sleeves were accompanied by a sheer longer sleeve underneath.  And it looks as though the pants-underneath-dresses/skirts trend is here to stay for a bit longer.

The beadwork and embroidery was intricate yet exploded on the clothing.  Oh, and no one has stopped talking about the accessories – a gas can bag, anyone?  While this may all seem a bit over-board, and maybe it was, Lagerfeld has kept us on our toes these last couple of collections (who could forget the western Texas/Paris collection?).  Maybe this is the world of Chanel changing from traditional to over-the-top wow-factor collections that become immediate trending topics on social media.  

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