Zuhair Murad Fall 2014 Couture

Is there anyone else out there who gets those excitement butterflies, kid-on-Christmas morning feeling when another Fashion Week has arrived?  I get so anxious waiting to see the new lines of clothes and accessories being presented down the runway.

But the Holy Grail of all Fashion Weeks has started and WOW has it left all of us fashionistas weak in the knees.  Couture week is not just about fashion.  This is about a dream world – living the celebrity life and deciding which of these gorgeously crafted gowns will be the winner to wear on the red carpet.  So excuse me for the rest of this pst as I enter my fashion fantasy world and re-live the fairytale that was Zuhair Murad’s Fall 2014 Couture show.





The intricate beading.  The bold colors.  The slim gowns, but ALSO the fuller silhouettes.  EVERYTHING about this collection was astonishingly beautiful and effortlessly sexy.  And I’m super confident that at least ONE of these gowns will be appearing on the red carpet very soon!







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