An Amazing Start to 2015

When I vowed to update my blog more this year, I really did want to keep it!  After a few events that occurred between then and now – let’s just say I think I’ll have A LOT more to write about now!  Sooo what happened?


Yup!!! I got engaged 🙂  I was beyond surprised/excited that I haven’t even been able to put down into words that entire experience.  We are planning for a fall 2o16 wedding which gives us LOTS of time to plan (thank god because I can be so indecisive when it comes to planning things for myself).

However, I don’t see this turning into a “wedding blog” anytime soon.  I’d love to share some experiences but I still have so much love for fashion (and come on, you have to keep living your life even while planning a wedding!).

Just wanted to give a quick update on life right now!


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