Quarantine 2020


I have been dying to get back into the groove of blogging and writing and I thought, no better time (literally… all the time in the world) to start than while in quarantine.  This is by no means an ideal time for anyone but why not make the most of it!

So much has changed in my life since I left off with blogging — the last blog posted was of our engagement photos!  FAST FORWARD 3.5 years and we are now married, homeowners and parents to the cutest almost one-year-old around!  Obviously, that’s quite a few major life changes so excuse me while I will likely bore you with recaps of all events leading up to now because again…. quarantine has got us going out nowhere fast!

Previously, my blog focused on fashion and style and while that is still a HUUUGE passion of mine, I also plan on incorporating some mom-life content, beauty, home decor and lifestyle into this blog as well.  Keeping up so far?  Me either.

Stay tuned while we turn back time (does that even make sense?  Waiting for something that already happened… hmmm…).

I featured the photo above from Mother’s Day just a few days ago — my FIRST Mother’s Day!  Mimosas and flowers were obviously the highlights for me but just being able to celebrate this crazy, exhausting, overwhelming, still-trying-not-to-fail-everyday, completely fulfilling and amazing role I now find myself in was so warming!  Also big shout-out to all the moms (especially mine) because you are all rock and super-stars!!



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