Miley & Madonna, Memorable or Mmm..No Thanks?


Let’s set one thing straight – I AM a Miley Cyrus fan.  I think her outfit  and lifestyle choices are sometimes not the classiest/trendiest/appealing, BUT I still like her.  You can’t deny her raw talent and hey, behind all that twerking and tongue-wagging, I believe she knows exactly what she’s doing and knows how to hold the public’s attention (be it in a positive or negative perspective).

However, when I heard that she would be collaborating with Madonna for her upcoming “Unplugged” series, all I could do was wonder : is this going to be the trashiest thing or what?  I mean Miley + Madonna (who, after the Grammy’s last week, can be added to the list of stars who have “lost it” – with her gold grill, pimp suit and new southern accent) is either a match made in musical heaven or even Satan’s worst nightmare.

So what exactly can we expect from the Material Girl and Twerking Princess? I’m not sure but I just see lots of tongues and leotards flying around on stage.  May we please not have to witness anything that well forever wish to un-see.

Now how about some classy vs. trashy fashion moments from these ladies.  


miley1 miley2 miley3


Myspace Event - Arrivals miley5 miley6

(I still can’t decide) Classy/Trashy: