Hoarding Magazines For Fun

I have a love obsession for magazines, fashion-related ones to be more specific.  I am currently subscribed to 9 and that number just seems to increase. But my mailbox is not the only thing that has a problem each month (the September issues that happened to arrive 3 at a time definitely resulted in my mailman hating me). My room, closet and any spare space I have are dwindling fast because…. I am a magazine hoarder.


I really don’t know how or why it started but a few years ago I had a hard time parting ways with the previous months’ issues so I stored them on a shelf. Fast forward a few months and that shelf was full. This continued and I found myself with stacks, piles, rows of Glamour, Cosmo, InStyle etc.   I used to just keep the issues that featured my name in the credits from internships that I participated in.  Now, I just love to keep them all – even if my name is nowhere to be found.


I’m usually tidy with other things – if I haven’t worn a piece of clothing in a while, it goes. I clean almost every weekend because clutter and dust just give me anxiety. But why the attachment to magazines? I still don’t know, nor do I care.  It’s not even like I go back and re-read them to find out how each publication tells me how to get a great smoky eye, I just like the comfort of having them.

Am I seriously weird for having this obsession? How long until I realize they are taking over my life? I have no idea but I do know that if you are in need of some reading material to pass the time, I’m your girl!

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