Marissa Webb Fall 2014

What’s black, white and tweed all over?  Well, that’d be Marissa Webb’s Fall 2014 collection!  This is quite possibly the most versatile collection so far this week.  The perfectly tailored skirts/blazers separates came together to make stunning outfits.  I can see these looks being worn to the corporate office then out for a night on the town.  Webb’s collection was simple, but stunning nonetheless.

mw mw2

mw3 mw4

Each model displayed a perfectly put-together look complete with easy hair and make-up.  I do have to admit, the few colors trailing at the end seemed a bit out of place in this collection however the pale pink and vibrant red brought just enough pop of color to an almost all black-and-white show.  Overall, I LOVED this collection!

mw5 mw6

mw7 mw8



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